(Old members must pay a renewal fee, recent purchasers will get a free account - just read instructions for your account type below)


If your account begins with "ab" or you're a recent purchaser(few months maximum), please read instructions below:

1. Create an account on

2. Send me an e-mail at Please use the e-mail that you paid from on the old site if possible

3. Include your username on the new site and any relevant info and I will upgrade your account for free.


If your a member who needs to renew, please use the instructions below

1. Go to

2. Create an account and login, account can be named whatever you want but you can use your old username if you want

3. Go to purchase tab or click upgrade and complete payment ( It will not upgrade you automatically, it will add you to queue and I will have to see it to approve it )

5. Send me an email at with the title "Paypal Purchase" and include you username, and paypal transaction number so I can upgrade you! Please be patient as it will take me a bit to take care of everyone. If you want to pay with bitcoin you can reach me at the same e-mail.